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Access best-in-class investment funds focusing on different parts of the digital asset market. Research investment offerings and access due diligence materials online.


Construct customized portfolios using dynamic optimization tools. Track fund and portfolio performance and access reports and research.


Enhance portfolio diversification via multiple alpha-generating strategies within the crypto asset class, all managed by expert professionals.


Streamlined subscription and redemption process, centralized AML/KYC. One-stop electronic execution. Investing via Nexyst Access feeder funds provides an additional level of oversight and ability to invest with lower minimum subscriptions.

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Nexyst is a partnership between NexChange and Horton Point.


NexChange is a venture innovation and media platform, specialising in fintech, blockchain, AI, healthtech and smart cities.

Horton Point

Horton Point is a New York-based advisor to family offices and institutions with the senior team representing over 200 years of combined institutional asset management experience.